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Personal Statement:  

I decided to have a career change at the age of 25 and pursue teaching as my career. I found happiness and satisfaction in seeing my students grow academically. My goal is to be able to teach at a university level. I am able to improve a student’s critical thinking and allow him to understand the topic instead of memorizing class material. My biggest strength is grabbing the attention of the classroom.

Employment History:

​      1-      Duration: June 2022 – Current            


Job Position: Mathematics & English teacher

Location: Thailand, Chiang Mai,         

Chinese Trilingual School (Cambridge curriculum)

      2-     Duration: July 2022 – Current   


Job Position: Private IELTS, Math, SAT and Physics Tutor

Location: Thailand, Chiang Mai                                             

(Cambridge Curriculum)

      3-       Duration: June 2021 – Current    


Job Position: Online Teacher           

Responsibilities:  Preparing classes for each student based on the requirements given by the school. I tutored grades 2,3,8,9,10,11,12 in Math, Physics and English. My students are from Lebanon, UK, USA, Australia, India, China and Malaysia. (French curriculum, Cambridge curriculum, IGCSE Curriculum)

      4-      Duration: Jan 2018 – April 2021               


Job Position: University Level Tutor.                      

Responsibilities:  I was responsible for tutoring university-level students (The courses I tutored were engineering courses and English courses). Each student would register for 70 hours every 4 months in order to see academic improvement.


      1-      Bachelors in Civil Engineering (5years)

                Civil & Environmental Engineering


      2-      Masters in Civil Engineering:

                Masters in Transportation (M2)

                “First class” United Kingdom Grading system conversion

      3-      P.h.D. Research Assistant: 

                P.h.D. in Civil Engineering, specialization In Traffic & Transportation Engineering. 

      4-      TEFL:  Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

"I haven't failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work"

Thomas Edison

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Chiang Mai, 5000, Thailand


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